The Centre for Ocean Energy Research hosted the Maynooth University Wave Energy Workshop on the 24th of January 2020, at the Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth. The scope of the workshop covered a range of topics across wave energy conversion, with a broad focus on modelling, control and estimation/forecasting, and featured a range of presentations from international and local speakers with some focus on the culmination of the SFI project entitled "Development of the next generation of controllers for wave energy devices".


08:30-09:00     Arrival, sign in, networking

09:00-09:15     Welcome address

John Ringwood, Conference Chair (COER, MU)

Ray O’Neill, Vice-President Research, MU

Patricia Comiskey (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland)


09:15-09:45     Overview of COER SFI IA project – John Ringwood (COER, MU)

                        “The next generation of controllers for wave-energy devices” pdf


09:45-10:15     Coffee break + posters


10:15-12:15     Session 1 (Hydrodynamic Modelling) Chaired by Tom Dooley

  • Hydrodynamic modelling options for WECs - Peter Stansby (Uni. Manchester, UK) pdf
  • CFD modelling for wave energy applications – Christian Windt (COER, MU) pdf
  • Computationally tractable models for axisymmetric WECs - Giuseppe Giorgi (Politecnico di Torino, Italy) pdf
  • Finite-order approximations for wave energy models: the FOAMM toolbox - Yerai Pena Sanchez (COER, MU) pdf

12:15:13:15     Lunch + posters

13:15-14:45     Session 3 (Control Session) Chaired by Ron Patton

  • The moment-domain framework for WEC control design – Nicolas Faedo (COER, MU))
  • The LiTe-Con controller for wave energy systems – Demian Garcia-Violini (Quilmes Univ., Argentina)
  • Fault Tolerant Control - Mogens Blanke (Technical University Denmark)

14:45-15:15     Coffee + posters

15:15-17:15     Session 2 (Industry Session) Chaired by John Breslin

  • Resolute Marine - Clean Water from Ocean Waves - Darragh Clabby (Resolute Marine)
  • Promoting PTO and control development for wave energy: The WES experience – Niall McLean (Wave Energy Scotland)
  • The point absorber dream - are we getting there? - Jorgen Hals Todalshaug (CorPower Ocean, Sweden)
  • Next generation R&D tools for wave energy - Ronan Costello (Wave Venture) 

17:15-17:45     OPEN FORUM – “Does wave energy’s future lie with offshore wind?”

Posters included:

Patrick Walsh Aontreo PTO disruptive technology     Limerick Wave
Jose Gaspar Oil – hydraulic Power Take-Off design and control issues        CENTEC Univ Lisboa
Ron Patton Robust Forecasting, Estimation, Control for Wave Energy Converters     Univ  Hull
Giuseppi Georgi Non-linear Froude Krylov force calculations for axisymmetric point absorbers     Univ Torino
Pierre Lourdais Comparison of a realistic machine modelling to the theoretical limits of a reactive point absorber Corpower
Garrett Brady Torque control of switched reluctance generator for wave power TU Dublin
Hafiz Ahsan Said Integration of Wave Energy and Electric Grid     COER
The Ocean Grazer wave energy converter: Time and frequency-Domain modelling Univ of Groningen
Fabio Carapellese Design of an omnidirectional gyroscopic wave energy converter Politecnico di Torino
Jake Cunnigham Excitation force estimation for wave energy systems using the moment-domain Coer
Andrei Ermakov Lift wave energy converter project     Coer
Niall McLean project Neptune - 75kw Linear Generator test rig     Wave Energy Scotland
Christian Windt High fidelity (HiFi) numerical modelling of wave energy systems     Coer
Shou Shi Learning-based robust control for offshore wave energy converters     Univ Hull
Bingyong Guo Non-linear dynamics of a vibro-impact wave energy converter     Coer
Nicolas Faedo Finite-Order hydrodynamic Approximation by Moment-Matching (FOAMM) toolbox for wave energy applications. Coer
Gerard O'Mahony Financial and engineering optimisation for wave energy devices: A case study considering the wave-following attenuator designed by Sea Power Ltd. wood plc
Fernando Jaramillo Real-Time Control of Wave Energy Devices     Coer

Organiser: Carrie Anne Barry (

The following are a list of attendees.  We were also joined by several colleagues remotely through Adobe Connect.

Tom Dooley
Mogens Blanke
Ronan Costello
Ray O'Neill
Patricia Comiskey
Peter Stansby
Niall McClean
Jorgen Hals
Demian Garcia Violini
Darragh Clabby
Yerai pena
Nicolas Faedo
Christian Windt
John Ringwood
Paddy Walsh
Muhammad Zaki Almuzakki Muhammad Zaki Almuzakki, M.
Giuseppe Giorgi
Ron Patton
Garrett Brady
Alva Blechenberg
Pierre Lourdais
Gerard O'Mahony
Narendran Kumar
William Dick
Jason Guthrie
John Breslin
Jose Gaspar
Brendan Walsh
Mike Galbraith
Siojen Kim
Judith Wolff
Brian Flannery
Paolino Tona
Sean O'Callaghan Waveram
Mauro bonfanti
Thomas Kelly
John Miller
sergej sirigu
pietro casalone
Alfred cotton
Fabio Carapellese
Florent thiebaut
Mathew Topper
Patrick Bradley
Hasana Bagnal Hare
Ahsan Hafiz Said
Andrei Ermakov
Carrie Anne Barry
Bingyong Guo
Fernando Jaramillolopez
Jake Cunningham