COER see ourselves as part of a tight-knit community from diverse fields including ocean energy, control theory, mathematics, physics and engineering to name a few.  In the interest of knowledge transfer, we often welcome experts in related fields to share their research interests and current studies with the group.

2023 visitors

Pal Schmitt from Queen University Belfast visited MU to present: Challenges and progress around the experimental tank testing of Wave Energy converters (November 2023).

Johannes Palm from Sigma Energy Marine, and Claes Eskilsson from Research Institutes Sweden, visited MU to give a workshop to introduce the simulation tool MoodyMarine, developed to help meet some of the demands for early stage development of MRE devices (October 2023).

Diogo Moreira, Chief Project Officer (CPO) at the Polytechnic University of Viana do Castelo: The centre for innovation in ocean energies and technologies (Sept 2023)

Damian Garcia Violini, a former COER postdoc, now Researcher at CONICET and Universidad Nacional de Quilmes: Strategies for Model (In)validation in WECs: Experimental Insights and Control Scheme Implications (Sept 2023)

Kush Bubbar from University of New Brunswick, Canada – Unlocking Insights and Advancing Technology: The Power of Contemporary Modelling and Simulation (August 2023)

Chris Guiver from Edinburgh Napier University – The energy-balance method for optimal control in renewable energy applications (July 2023)

Giordano Scariotti from Imperial College London – Nonlinear model reduction: some recent results and open challenges (July 2023)