The Centre for Ocean Energy Research (COER) at Maynooth University Ireland hosted its 5th workshop event on Friday 20th January 2017, sponsored by Science Foundation Ireland. The scope of the workshop covered a range of topics across wave energy conversion, with a broad focus on modelling, control and

The workshop featured 11 oral presentations from invited experts, from both industry and academia, including the renowned Prof. Johannes Falnes (NTNU). Additionally, 26 posters were presented at the event, providing a catalyst for conversation and networking between the 90+ attendees during the coffee and lunch breaks. The workshop concluded with an open forum discussion, on the topic "Instabilities of WECs: Good news or bad news?", chaired by Alain Clement.


Session 1: WEC Design

  • Johannes Falnes - On hull size and shape and on power capacity for oscillating-body WEC units [pdf / video]
  • Joao Cruz - Design load cases for WECs

Session 2: WEC hydrodynamic modelling

  • Giuseppe Giorgi - Nonlinear hydrodynamic modelling in the computation/fidelity continuum [pdf]
  • Frederic Dias - Modelling viscous forces in a computationally efficient way [pdf]
  • Josh Davidson - Evaluation of energy maximising control systems for WECs using CFD [pdf]

Session 3 : WEC Control

  • Joao Henriques - Control of the PTO system of OWCs: feedback vs model predictive control [pdf]
  • Ron Patton - Fault tolerant control in marine energy systems : a wave energy perspective [pdf]
  • Umesh Korde - Hydrodynamic control with approximate device parameters [pdf]

Session 4: Practial aspects

  • Morten Kramer - WEC experiments and equations of motion [pdf]
  • Scott Beatty - Experimental modelling and hybrid simulations of axisymmetric point absorbers [pdf]
  • Stuart Betts-Williams - Estimation and forecasting for the Wavepower WEC [pdf]

Open Forum Discussion:

  • Alain Clement - Instabilities of WECs : Good News? Bad news? [pdf]


  • Enrico Anderlini et al  - Optimal adaptive control design for WECs [pdf]
  • Philip Balitsky et al  - Modelling interaction effects of WECs via model coupling [pdf]
  • James Bridgwate Court et al  - Co-simulation of hydrodynamics and PTO dynamics for WECs [pdf]
  • Romano Capocci - Development of smart inspection ROV for use in challenging conditions [pdf]
  • Alexis Meriguad et al - Non-linear frequency-domain methods for WEC modelling and control [pdf]
  • Michael OByrne et al - Underwater inspection for renewable energy devices using image processing techniques [pdf]
  • Davide Padeletti et al  - The Mediterranean monitoring and forecasting system at INGV [pdf]
  • Francesco Paparella et al  - Experimental validation of receding horizon pseudo-spectral control on a 1/20th scale hinge-barge WEC [pdf]
  • Markel Penalba et al  - Nonlinear fully-dynamic wave-to-wire models for a point absorber WEC [pdf]
  • Alexandra Price - In control of cost of energy [pdf]
  • Sérgio Ribeiro e Silva et al  - Hydrodynamic optimisation of the UGEN - WEC with U-shaped interior oscillating water column [pdf]
  • Christian Windt et al  - High-fidelity numerical modelling of WECs [pdf]
  • Iñaki Zabala et al  - Spar-bouy OWC six-DoF hybrid mooring feedback control modelling [pdf]

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