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Nolan, Gary; Ringwood, John V.; Butler, S; Leithead, WE; others,

Optimal Damping Profiles For a Heaving Buoy Wave Energy Converter Inproceedings

In: The Fifteenth International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers 2005.

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Ringwood, John V.; Butler, Shane

Optimisation of a wave energy converter Inproceedings

In: IFAC Conference on Control Applications in Marine Systems - CAMS 2004, Ancona, Italy, pp. 155-160, 2004.

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Nolan, Gary; Ringwood, John V.

Design and control considerations for a wave energy converter Inproceedings

In: Proceedings, the Irish Signals and Systems Conference ISSC 2004, Belfast, pp. 475–480, IEE 2004.

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Nolan, Gary; 'O Cath'ain, Michael; Murtagh, J; Ringwood, John V.

Modelling and simulation of the power take-off system for a hinge-barge wave-energy converter Inproceedings

In: Fifth European Wave Energy Conference, Ireland, pp. 1-8, Hydraulics & Maritime Research Centre, 2003.

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G. Sannio, Carillo; Ringwood, J. V.

Wave Energy (in Renewable Energy from the Oceans: From wave, tidal and gradient systems to offshore wind and solar) Book Chapter

In: IET, 0000.

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J.V. Ringwood, Merigaud; Fusco, F.

An analytical and numerical sensitivity and robustness analysis of wave energy control systems Journal Article

In: IEEE Trans. on Control Systems Technology, 28 (4), pp. 1337-1348, 0000.

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F.D. Mosquera, Evangelista; Ringwood, J. V.

Optimal wave energy extraction for oscillating water columns using second order sliding mode control Journal Article

In: IET Renewable Power Generation, 14 (9), pp. 1512-1519, 0000.

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N. Faedo, Garcia-Violini; Ringwood, J. V.

Inducing synchronisation in a complex network of nonlinear oscillators via feedback linearization and H∞-control Journal Article

In: Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, Vol.144 (110722), pp. 1-6, 0000.

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E. et al Ransley,

Focused wave interactions with floating structures: A blind comparative study Inproceedings

In: Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Engineering and Computational Mechanics, pp. 46-61, 0000.

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