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16/12/21 Tom O’Kane
Test Crew Chief Suzuki MotoGP
9/12/21 Matt Folley QUB
LiftWEC – A novel Wave Energy Converter
25/11/21 Abel Arredondo Galeana University of Strathclyde
Strategies for improved hydro-structural performance of wave cycloidal rotors
18/11/21 Marco Rosati
Nonlinear data-based hydrodynamic modelling of an OWC device: Is it worth it?
11/11/21 Maialen Agirre Aspiazu
All About Me – Maialen Agirre
4/11/21 Demian Garcia Violini
COER’s 2nd Experimental Campaign at Aalborg University: Experience and Preliminary Results (restricted access)
28/10/21 Yerai Pena Sanchez
Hardware in the loop systems for wave energy converter control strategies validation.
21/10/21 Edoardo Pasta
Deep Neural Network Trained to Mimic Computational Expensive Optimization-based Control: a first Application to a Pendulum Wave Energy Converter
14/10/21 Various
COER Q4 ’21 Workshop
7/10/21 Various
European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference 2021 – a COER review
30/09/21 Benjamin Bruel
A control-orientated analytical model for a cyclorotor wave energy device
23/09/21 Hasana Bagnall Hare
Protocol for the identification of the neural baroreflex in sheep
16/09/21 Matias Widmer
Small-Scale Pendulum-Type Wave Energy Converter System for Low-Power Marine Monitoring Applications
2/9/21 Louis Martin
Control design for a wind/wave renewable energy platform
19/8/21 Alice Marie
LiftWEC structural design and real-time control – internship at COER
29/7/21 Sandra-Carina Noble Neuromatch Academy: Summer School on Computational Neuroscience
22/7/21 Gaston Vergara-Hermosilla Some ideas about water waves – rigid body interactions
15/7/21 Mahdiyeh Farajvand Quantifying hydrodynamic model uncertainty for robust control of wave energy devices
8/7/21 Xabier Hernandez Development of two WEC Test-benches-Internship at COER
1/7/21 Thomas Kelly A post-processing approach to irregular frequency removal in BEM results
24/6/21 Nicolas Faedo Data-driven model reduction for wave energy systems: A moment-based
17/6/21 Louis Martin and Ben Bruel An introduction to Louis Martin and Ben Bruel and their internship projects
10/6/21 Simon Thomas The COERbuoy1 platform a realistic WEC model
for control developers
3/6/21 Siyuan Zhan Model Predictive Control for Wave Energy Converters
27/5/21 Facundo Mosquera Adaptive second order sliding mode control applied to oscillating water column wave energy devices
20/5/21 Bingyong Guo An overview of my time in COER
13/5/21 Iain McLeod A Personal Introduction to Beginning my PhD in Developing a Small Scale Wave Powered Data Buoy
6/5/21 Jitendra Jain An introduction
29/4/21 Gaurav Dhar Self introduction and control strategies for WEC arrays
22/4/21 Hasana Bagnall Hare and Hafiz Ahsan Said Spring school on data driven model learning of dynamic systems
15/4/21 Alice Marie An introduction
8/4/21 Marco Rosati Data-based hydrodynamic modelling of an oscillating water column device
25/3/21 Demian Garcia Violini Quantifying hydrodynamic model uncertainty for robust control of wave energy devices
Peter Redmond
Robots: Sci-Fi to Sci-Fact
Onno Bokhove

School of Mathematics, University of Leeds

On a novel wave-to-wire energy device in a breakwater contraction
4/3/21 COER group COER: current and upcoming projects:
25/2/21 COER group COER: current and upcoming projects:
18/2/2021 Hafiz Ahsan Said Intelligent control of a DC microgrid consisting of Wave Energy Converter (WEC) and Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS)
11/2/2021 COER group COER: current and upcoming projects:

Andrei, Mustafa, Marco, Yerai.

4/2/2021 Hasana Bagnall Hare Determining the frequency response of the baroreflex in sheep.
28/1/2021 Qusai ElMoosa Impact of nonlinear hydrodynamic modelling on geometric optimisation of a spherical heaving point absorber
21/1/2021 Niall McLean Wave Energy Scotland: Current Status
14/1/2021 Murat Ozbulut SPH for WEC System Modeling: State-of-the-Art and Grand Challenges
7/1/2021 Dr. Nicolas Faedo
A workshop on:
Software and tools for scientific writing
17/12/2020 Dr. Bingyong Guo Geometric optimisation of wave energy conversion devices: A survey
10/12/2020 Simon Thomas The coerPower platform – a realistic benchmark problem for WEC control-
3/12/2020 Valerio Grazioso Valerio is a new posdoc in the lab and will be introducing us to his previous work
26/11/2020 Marco Cognetti An introduction to active state estimation and control of mobile robots
19/11/2020 Mustafa Abdelrahman Mustafa is joining the COER team as a postdoctoral researcher and will be discussing his work
12/11/2020 Andrei Ermakov The control-orientated model for a cyclorotor wave energy device with N-hydrofoils
5/11/2020 Jake Cunningham Estimation and forecasting for wave energy applications in the moment domain
29/10/2020 Hugh Murphy Open access publisher agreements in Maynooth University.  Where we are and where we’re going
22/10/2020 Diego Moens de Hase Model-free extremum-seeking control for WECs
15/10/2020 Jake Cunningham Estimation and forecasting for wave energy applications in the moment domain
8/10/2020 Drakoulis Goudis An introduction to Drakoulis Goudis
1/10/2020 Inaki Zabala Calvo and Yerai Pena Sanchez BEMRosetta Workshop
24/09/2020 Sandra Carina Noble Stroke Rehabilitation using Iterative Learning Control
17/09/2020 Ahsan Said Hafiz IEA OES Task 10: Time domain modelling of the 2-DOF KRISO OWC device
10/09/2020 Simon Heiko Thomas Challenges and technologies for a nonlinear real world control for a
heave type point absorber
20/08/2020 Mahdiyeh Farajvand Modeling and control of power take-off system of a Wavestar wave energy converter
13/08/2020 Andrei Ermakov The LiftWEC control problem
6/08/2020 Fernando Jaramillo Lopez Modelling of a Three-Body Hinge-Barge Wave Energy Device using System Identification Techniques
30/07/2020 John Ringwood Wave energy control: status and perspectives 2020
23/07/2020 Demián García-Violini

Nicolas Faedo

Internal Presentation and Discussion
16/07/2020 Bingyong Guo Parametric study of a vibro-impact wave energy converter
09/07/2020 John Ringwood Application of control system science to wave energy harvesting (wave energy – a paradox in control)
02/07/2020 Ollie Mason Characterising and Enforcing Opacity for Linear
and Nonlinear Systems