29/11/2018 Giuseppe Giorgi

Demián García-Violini

Should we believe in our (or others’) models? A discussion on modelling and collaborative tasks


15/11/2018 Nicolas Faedo

Jake Samuel Cunningham

Identification of wave energy arrays using a moment-matching approach: fundamentals and application to wave excitation force estimation

Wello Penguin

08/11/2018 Alexis Merigaud

Giuseppe Giorgi

Non-linear optimisation of the ISWEC PTO settings using the harmonic balance approach

Mocean Energy: Pelamis’s heir

25/10/2018 Demián García-Violini

Alexis Mérigaud

Energy-maximising robust control for spectral and pseudospectral methods with application to wave energy

HACE wave energy converter

18/10/2018 Nicolas Faedo, Giuseppe Giorgi


Recap of CAMS and RENEW

MLiner from the company Geps Techno

04/10/2018 Louis Papillion

LiGuo Wang

Parametric modelling of a reconfigurable wave energy device

VT WEC with mechanical motion rectifier

20/09/2018 John Ringwood

Alain Clement

Open Discussion concerning the impact of hydrodynamic modelling errors on wave energy converter control ststems
06/09/2018 Jost Kemper

Christian Windt

Development of a Nested Hydrodynamic Model for the Analysis of Ocean Wave Energy Systems

Open Hydro: An update

07/06/2018 Christian Windt GitHub
31/05/2018 Yerai Pena

LiGuo Wang

Comparison of wave force estimators


24/05/2018 Markel Penalba

Demián García-Violini

High-fidelity wave-to-wire models for control parameter optimisation and power production assessment

Hydro Kite

17/05/2018 Emma Robinson

Louis Papillon

Offshore renewables: from modelling to maintenance

Are renewable energies sustainable?

10/05/2018 Christian Windt

Jost Kemper

Development of an impulse-source-based wave-current interaction model


03/05/2018 Nicolas Faedo

Yerai Pena

Passive preserving moment-based finite-order hydrodynamic model identification for wave energy applications

A special WEC (no name yet, proposed by Yerai)

26/04/2018 Yerai Pena

Nicolas Faedo

Short-term forecasting of wave elevation for wave energy applications: the AR model revisited

The floating pendulum dynamic vibration absorber

19/04/2018 Francesco

Christian Windt

Wave-tank testing of a 1/20th scale three-body hinge-barge wave energy device

Is the scientific paper obsolete?

12/04/2018 Demián García-Violini

Markel Penalba

In the gap between theory and practice

Infinity WEC by Ocean Harvesting Technologies AB

05/04/2018 LiGuo Wang

Alexis Mérigaud

Wave energy converters: Modelling, control and optimization- based on priori work

A Short Review on Deterministic Sea Wave Prediction

22/03/2018 Giuseppe Giorgi

LiGuo Wang

6-DoFs nonlinear hydrodynamic models for parametric resonance detection: 3 real-device application cases

Combined oscillating buoy

15/03/2018 Alexis Mérigaud

Christian Windt

Towards realistic non-linear receding-horizon spectral control of wave energy converters


22/02/2018 Markel Penalba

Yerai Peña

Linearisation-based nonlinearity measures for wave-to-wire models in wave energy

Sharp Eagle WEC

15/02/2018 Riccardo Novo

Markel Penalba

A Harmonic balance framework for the simulation of the ISWEC wave energy device

SINN power