30/11/2017 Christian Windt

Ilaria Leoni

Comparison of dynamic mesh motion methods for numerical wave tank experiments


23/11/2017 Nicolas Faedo and       Yerai Pena

Giuseppe Giorgi

Model reduction by moment-matching for wave energy applications


16/11/2017 Giuseppe Giorgi


Nicolas Faedo

Road towards parametric motion representation: Nonlinear Froude-Krylov forces for 3 DoF point absorbers, the CorPower case study

 Smart Ocean Power Buoy by Resen Waves

09/11/2017 Workshop : Making Animations from Simulations
02/11/2017 Christian Windt

Alexis Merigaud

The efficient application of an impulse source wave maker to CFD simulations

The WEC of the Week : The Wave Glider by Liquid Robotics

26/10/2017 John Ringwood

Yerai Pena

Towards extremum-seeking control of wave energy systems

The WEC of the Week : Mutriku OWC

19/10/2017 Josh Davidson

Christian Windt

Nonlinear Rock and Roll – Modeling and control of parametric resonances in WECs

The CEC of the Week : StreamCube by REAC Energy

12/10/2017 Alexis Merigaud

Yerai Pena

Short-term wave elevation forecasting using spectrum information

The WEC of the Week : Lilypad by Energy Island

05/10/2017           Riccardo Novo             (Polit de Torino)

Giuseppe Giorgi

                                             ISWEC productivity prediction                                                     – power matrix vs nonlinear frequency domain model

The WEC of the Week : OIST Seahorse

28/09/2017          Aengus Connolly         (Wood Group)

Josh Davidson

        Flexcom – structural analysis software for offshore oil, gas and MRE industries

The WEC of the Week : The Wavesub by MPS

21/09/2017 Nicolas Faedo

Christian Windt and Giuseppe Giorgi

                                Energy-maximising control of wave energy devices                                 using a moment-domain representation

Recap of the 2017 INORE European Symposium

07/09/2017           Ronan Costello          (Wave Venture)

Giovanni Bracco            (Poli de Torino)

Wave Venture – Update on progress since spin-out from NUIM



24/08/2017 Michel Barbier

Akram Bennazou

Clement Auger

  Conception and optimisation of a numerical model for a WEC

Numerical wave tank experiments using the overset mesh tool

Input periodisation for real-time control of WECs

03/08/2017 Josh Davidson
Christian Windt
Recap of the 12th OpenFOAM Workshop,
Exeter, UK
20/07/2017 John Ringwood
Alexis Merigaud
Recap of the 20th World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control, Toulouse, France
 13/07/2017          Alain Ulazia          (Uni of the Basque Country)

Clement Auger

Wave energy trends, CFD in Mutriku OWC, and simulations with a generator


The WEC of the week: S3 by SBM

06/07/2017            Ally Price         (Wave Power Conundrums)

Akram Benazzou

In control of cost of energy


The WEC of the week: Pelamis

29/06/2017                 Tom Kelly               (DkIT)

Michel Barbier

The development of a self-powering data buoy – The WASP

The WEC of the week: Salter’s Duck 

22/06/2017          Pal Schmitt          (QUB)

Christian Windt

CFD for Oscillating Surge Wave Converters

The WEC of the week: Ectacti-Hull by Quoceant  

15/06/2017 Markel Peñalba Retes

Nicolas Faedo

Comparative Study of Numerical Solvers for Modelling Wave Energy Converters

The WEC of the week: Waterotor 

08/06/2017 Yerai Pena

Markel Peñalba Retes

Estimation and forecasting of excitation force for arrays of wave energy devices

The WEC of the week: Arrecife Energy Systems 

01/06/2017 Giuseppe Giorgi

Josh Davidson

Consistency of viscous drag identification tests for wave energy applications

The WEC of the week: The Seaspoon 

25/05/2017 John Ringwood

Josh Davidson

A competition on WEC control

The WEC of the week: Wave Swell Energy 

18/05/2017 Alexis Merigaud


Michel Barbier

Improving the performance of pseudo-spectral calculations for nonlinear WEC control

The WEC of the week: The MARINET Round Robin WEC

11/05/2017 Nicolas Faedo


Christian Windt

Web design basics: from architecture to front-end development of the COER site


The WEC of the week: Seawave Slot-Cone Generator (SSG)

04/05/2017 Josh Davidson

Markel  Peñalba Retes

Recap of the HYWEC workshop, Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, Bilbao

The WEC of the week: Etymol Ocean Power

27/04/2017 Project meeting:

Development of the next generation of controllers for wave energy devices

20/04/2017 David Crooks


Josh Davidson

Exciting waves – Nonlinear hydrodynamic modelling of an oscillating wave surge converter

The WEC of the week: M4WavePower

30/03/2017 Julie Brault

Nicolas Faedo

Including PTOs in the benchtop wave energy demonstration unit

The WEC of the week: OWEC

23/03/2017    John Breslin    (SmartBay)


Giuseppe Giorgi

The wave energy test site in Galway Bay, and the National Infrastructure Access Programme


The WEC of the week: Protean

16/03/2017 Yerai Pena

Alexis Merigaud

Estimation and forecasting of excitation force for arrays of WECs

The TEC of the week: EEL Energy’s undulating membrane TEC

09/03/2017 Giuseppe Giorgi


Julie Brault

Comparing nonlinear hydrodynamic forces in heaving point absorbers and oscillating wave surge converters

The WEC of the week: The Jellyfish Technology by Brimes Energy

02/03/2017 Christian Windt

Markel  Peñalba Retes

Assessment of numerical wave makers for the Open-source CFD toolbox OpenFOAM

The WEC of the week: Hydro Air Concept Energie (HACE)

23/02/2017 Markel  Peñalba Retes

Yerai Pena

Nonlinear fully-dynamic wave-to-wire models for a point absorber WEC

The TEC of the week: BioSTREAM

16/02/2017 Nicolas Faedo

Josh Davidson

Control of coupled oscillators : An application

The WEC of the week: Wave Energy Buoy that Self deploys (WEBS)

09/02/2017 Josh Davidson

Christian Windt

Mathematical modelling of mooring systems for WECs- A review

The WEC of the week: Drag-type cross flow water turbine

02/02/2017 Workshop – Computer Aided Drawing for Publications and Presentations