10/12/2015 Iain Keaney

Markel Peñalba Retes

 Evanescent Wave Reduction Using a Segmented Wavemaker in a Two Dimensional Wave Tank

The WEC of the Week: Ocean Grazer

03/12/2015 Francesco Paparella

Victor Ramos

Optimal Control of a three-body hinge-barge wave energy device using pseudo-spectral methods

The TEC of the Week: The Evopod Turbine

26/11/2015 Paula Garcia Rosa

Romain  Genest

On the Sensitivity of Optimal Wave Energy Device Geometry to the Energy Maximising Control System

The WEC of the Week: Waveline Magnet

19/11/2015 Tom Kelly

Francesco Paparella

Proposed Experimental Method to Measure the Hydrodynamic Coefficients of an Oscillating Water Column

The WEC of the Week: Drakoo

12/11/2015 Alexis  Merigaud

Paula Garcia Rosa

Short-term wave power forecasting: a few aspects to consider

The WEC of the Week: The WaveRoller

05/11/2015  Victor Ramos

Simone Giorgi

Assessment of the wave and tidal stream energy resources through wide-scale numerical modelling

The WEC of the Week: COSTAS WAVE




Darragh Clabby: Resolute Marine

Tom Kelly

Extreme Loads and Pressures Applied to SurgeWEC: a Small Oscillating Wave Surge Converter

The WEC of the Week: Atmocean

22/10/2015 Romain  Genest

Markel Peñalba Retes

On receding horizon pseudo-spectral control for wave energy devices

The WEC of the Week: The WEGA

15/10/2015 Francesco Paparella

Alexis  Merigaud

Multi-body modelling of wave energy converters using pseudo-spectral methods with application to a three-body hinge-barge device

The WEC of the Week:  Offshore Energy System from Float Incorporated

08/10/2015 Yanji Wei : UCD

Giuseppe Giorgi

A cost-effective method for modelling wave-OWSC interaction

The WEC of the Week: W2Power, an wind-wave hybrid solution

01/10/2015 Markel  Peñalba Retes

Josh Davidson

Ecole Centrale de Nantes PhD course presentation

The WEC of the Week: The Free Floating Clam

24/09/2015 Ciaran Quin : MU Library Maynooth University library services for engineering
17/09/2015 John Ringwood

Josh Davidson

Tom Kelly

Simone Giorgi

Markel  Peñalba Retes

Francesco Paparella

Alexis Merigaud

Recap of the EWTEC’15 Conference – Nantes, France


30/07/2015 Wave tank tour 

Tom Kelly

Pal Schmitt : QUB


Demonstration of the DkIT Narrow Tank, in Dundalk, 10:30am-12:00pm

Demonstration of QUB’s Shallow Water Wave Tank, in Portaferry, 3:00pm-4:30pm

18/06/2015 John Ringwood

Markel  Peñalba Retes

Recap of the OMAE’15 Conference – St Johns, Canada

The WEC of the Week: CorPower




Workshop Introduction to Python – getting started, tips and tricks



Josh Davidson

Victor Ramos

Recap of the 11th INORE Symposium – Naples, Italy

The TEC of the Week: The Magallanes Project




Paula Garcia Rosa

Andrej Roessling

Hydrodynamic modelling competition – overview and approaches

The WEC of the Week: Sparbouy [ PDF ]

21/05/2015 Workshop Writing for technical publications – technical reports, conference papers and journal papers
14/05/2015 Giuseppe Giorgi

Francesco Paparella

Modification of the OpenFOAM source code and implementation of latching control

The WEC of the Week: Jospa

07/05/2015 Tom Kelly

Josh Davidson

Thermodynamics of Oscillating Water Columns

The WEC of the Week: Waveplane

30/04/2015 Alexis Merigaud

Sébastien Dot

Nonlinear Froude-Krylov force modelling for two heaving wave energy absorbers

The TEC of the Week: OpenHydro

23/04/2015 Markel  Peñalba Retes

Alexis Merigaud

Optimisation of a heaving WEC farm layout

The TEC of the Week: Alstom’s Oceade

16/04/2015 Francesco Paparella

Simone Giorgi

On the solution of multibody WEC motions using pseudospectral methods

The WEC of the Week: Crestwing




Josh Davidson

Paula Garcia Rosa

Implementation of an OpenFOAM Numerical Wave Tank for Wave Energy Experiments

The WEC of the Week: Offshore WEC plant at Ilha Rasa, Brazil

19/03/2015 Simone Giorgi


Romain Genest

Nonlinear Identification of Excitation Force Kernels Using Numerical Wave Tank Experiments

The WEC of the Week:  SPA OWC (Submerged Point Absorber using Oscillating Water Column)

12/03/2015 John Ringwood

Tom Kelly

Optimising numerical wave tank tests for the parametric identification of wave energy device models

The WEC of the Week: The Kaimei

05/03/2015 Alexis Merigaud

Giuseppe Giorgi

Stochastic Dual Dynamic Programming for Natural Gas and Power Markets

The TEC of the Week: MINESTO’s Deep Green Tidal Energy Converter

26/02/2015 Markel Peñalba Retes

Francesco Paparella

Analysis and characterisation of wave interaction among devices in a WEC array

The WEC of the Week: Wave Treader by Green Ocean Energy

19/02/2015 Romain Genest

Andrej Roessling

Development and experimental validation of control strategies for WECs

The WEC of the Week: NEMOS

12/02/2015 Giuseppe Giorgi

Victor Ramos

Analytical nonlinear model development and hydrodynamics optimisation of ISWEC

The TEC of the Week: Sihwa Lake Tidal Power Plant

05/02/2015 Tom Kelly

Josh Davidson

Time domain simulations of OWCs based on reconstructed frequency domain added mass

The WEC of the Week: The near shore OWC plant at Vizhinjam, India