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Josh Davidson

Simone Giorgi

Andrej Roessling

Recap and discussion of the RENEW’14 conference



John Ringwood

Simone Giorgi

Robust Control of Wave Energy Converters

The WEC of the Week: SEARASER




Paula Garcia Rosa

Francesco Paparella

Control Informed Optimal Array Layout for Wave Farms

The WEC of the Week: Poseidon




Lousie Guillemet

John Ringwood

Parameterising an OpenFOAM Numerical Wave Tank using Python and Handling Mesh Motion for a Rotating Object

The WEC of the Week: SinnPower

23/10/2014 Josh Davidson

Tom Kelly

Numerical Wave Tank Identification of Nonlinear Discrete Time Hydrodynamic Models

The WEC of the Week: Seabreath

16/10/2014 Andrej Roessling

Josh Davidson

Finite order approximations to hydrodynamic parameters  for wave energy applications

The WEC of the Week: Backward Bent Duct Buoy




Josh Davidson

Victor Ramos

Innovation in Offshore Renewable Energy: International Collaboration and INORE

The WEC of the Week: Wavecat

02/10/2014 John Ringwood


John Miller : INCA Ireland

Introduction of ocean thermal and osmotic gradient energy  / Observations from the IFAC World Congress


Estimation of radiation damping properties for a prototype WEC device




Davide Padeletti

Simone Giorgi

Recap and discussion of the AWTEC’14 conference

The WEC of the Week: Yu Oscillating Generator “YOG”




Paula Garcia Rosa

Josh Davidson

Competition on Hydrodynamic Modelling of a Rigid Body

The WEC of the Week: The Mighty Whale

11/09/2014 Victor Ramos

Louise Guillemet

Tidal Stream Energy Exploitation on the Galician Rias: Resource, Performance and Impact

The TEC of the Week: SR250 from Scotrenewables

04/09/2014 Francesco Paparella

Andrej Roessling

Pseudospectral Methods for Dynamic Simulation of a Hinge-Barge Device

The TEC of the Week: SeaGen

21/08/2014 Tom Kelly

Josh Davidson

3D Printing – The Future of Prototyping

The WEC of the Week: BioWAVE

14/08/2014 Thibault Le Huec

Marcelo Augusto

Creation and Calibration of a Numerical Wave Tank in OpenFOAM

Oyster 800 Control System Diagnostics




Gabriel Brandle

Thibault Le Huec

Wave energy variability as a critical factor in wave energy site selection – motivation, measures and maps

The WEC of the Week: Spindrift Energy Device

31/07/2014 Darren Kavanagh : University of Oxford

Louise Guillemet

Failure and Degradation Modes of Electric Machines

The WEC of the Week: Seacap

24/07/2014 Ronan Costello

Davide Padeletti


Recap and discussion of OMAE’14 from conference attendees


05/06/2014 Ronan Costello

Gabriel Brandle

Comparison of experiment and simulation for horizontal cylinder in waves – MARINET tank testing

The WEC of the Week: OWEL




Iain Keaney

Paula Garcia Rosa

Evanescent Wave Reduction using a Segmented Wavemaker in a Two Dimensional Wave Tank

The WEC of the Week: Cycloidal Wave Energy Converter (CycWEC)




Josh Davidson

Simone Giorgi

Recap of the INORE 9th International Symposium

The WEC of the Week: Wavepiston




Biswajit Basu : Trinity College Dublin Structural and power control of offshore wind and wave energy devices



Davide Padeletti

Tom Kelly

Study and preliminary results of MBS4WEC: A multi-body simulation tool for WECs employing nonlinear joint representation

The WEC of the Week: Anaconda

01/05/2014 Francesco Paparella

Josh Davidson

Benefits of up-wave measurements in linear short-term wave forecasting for wave energy applications

The WEC of the Week: Bombora Wavepower




Giorgio Bacelli

Andrej Roessling

Numerical Optimal Control of WECs

The WEC of the Week: The Stingray by Columbia Power Technologies




Josh Davidson


Davide Padeletti

Hydrodynamic forces in WEC models and numerical wave tank experiments to measure them

The WEC of the Week: Oscilla Power’s Magnetostrictive Wave Energy Harvester (MWEH)

10/04/2014 Brian Kirke : Uni of South Australia

Paula Garcia Rosa

The Seadov

The WEC of the Week: Wave Carpet




Tom Kelly

Iain Keaney

The DkIT Narrow Tank

The WEC of the Week: LIMPET OWC




Cian Murtagh : Seapower

Simone Giorgi

Developing a mechanical energy transfer interface for commercial WECs

The WEC of the Week: WaveEL-buoy




John Ringwood

Josh Davidson

Control-informed optimisation of wave energy devices

The WEC of the Week: CETO

13/03/2014 Maricris Marimon :  NIST Japan

Davide Padeletti

Applications of independent component analysis

The WEC of the Week: ISWEC




Andrej Roessling

Francesco Paparella

Performance testing of a modular wave tank

The WEC of the Week: ATC – Float Wave Electric Power Station

27/02/2014 Alexandra Price

Marco Guerrini

A quick reconnaissance mission into the design space of WECs

The WEC of the Week: BOLT Lifesaver




Giorgio Bacelli

Josh Davidson

Nonlinear optimal WEC control with application to a flap-type device

The WEC of the Week: Oceanlinx




Paula Garcia Rosa

Andre Roessling

Wave-to-wire model and optimization of a wave energy hyperbaric converter

The WEC of the Week: Wavebob

06/02/2014 Simone Giorgi

Paula Garcia Rosa

Aalborg Phd Course Presentation

The WEC of the Week: Brazil’s WEC prototype ‘Wave Energy Hyperbaric Converter’

30/01/2014 Josh Davidson

Tom Kelly

Experimental Testing of a Wavestar Float in the Plymouth University Ocean Tank

The WEC of the Week: Albatern Sqiud/WaveNET

23/01/2014 Adrian De Andres : IH Cantabria

Francesco Paparella

Study of the Factors that Affect Long Term Power Performance of WECs

The WEC of the Week: Aquamarine Oyster