John Ringwood

Jochem Weber

Josh Davidson

Simone Giorgi

Giorgio Bacelli

Tom Kelly

Recap and discussion of EWTEC’13 conference


05/09/2013 No Seminar due to EWTEC’13
29/08/2013 Giorgio Bacelli

John Ringwood

Constrained control of arrays of wave energy devices

The WEC of the Week: Amplified Wave Energy Conversion System (AWECS)

22/08/2013 Tom Kelly


Giorgio Bacelli

Physical Modelling and Results of a Linear Array of 32 Oscillating Water Columns for the Evaluation of Combined Wind/Wave Floating Platform Design Concepts

The WEC of the Week: Seabased

15/08/2013 Simone Giorgi

Andrej Rosseling

Linear Parametric Hydrodynamic Models based on Numerical Wave Tank Experiments

The WEC of the Week: Vigor Wave Energy AB

08/08/2013 Josh Davidson

Claudio Baldi

Thermal Energy Harvesting Across the Air/Water Interface

The WEC of the Week: Langlee Wave Energy Converter

01/08/2013 Davide Padeletti

Alexia Bouchardy

A Joint Coordinate Method Application to Multi-body WECs

The WEC of the Week: Wello Penguin

18/07/2013 Thomas Martin The WEC of the Week: SEAREV
11/07/2013 Andrej Roessling

Marie Cathelain

Nonlinear Hydrodynamic Modelling of a Wave Energy Converter

The WEC of the Week: AWS

04/07/2013 Ronan Costello

Davide Padeletti

Tecno-Economic Optimisation for Wave Energy Conversion

The WEC of the Week: 40South Energy

27/06/2013 Jochem Weber

Giorgio Bacelli

Recap and discussion of OMAE’13 conference
20/06/2013 Simone Giorgi

Ronan Costello

Can Tidal Current Energy Provide Base Load Power

The WEC of the Week: Salter’s Duck

06/06/2013 Iain Keaney

Josh Davidson

Segmented Wavemaker

The WEC of the Week: Wavestar

25/05/2013 Josh Davidson

Jochem Weber

The International Network on Offshore Renewable Energy

The WEC of the Week: Weptos