Real time control of wave energy devices – CorPower CorPower

Project Description

Energy maximising control systems have the capability to significantly improve the economic viability of wave energy systems and this project focusses on a commercial device currently under development at CorPower Ocean (, a leading Swedish wave energy company. The CorPower wave energy converter has already undergone large scale experimental testing, with promising results. This project will attempt to improve the economic performance of the CorPower device by maximising energy capture using control technology, while also considering the effects of control actions on operational costs. The project will include control system design, control implementation and experimental analysis. Since the wave energy control problem is, in general, non-causal, with some of the key measurements unmeasurable, the project will also include some estimation and forecasting components.


Project Progress

Project Timing

  • Start
    Mar 01 2020
  • End
    May 30 2024

03/01/2020 05/30/2024


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