Real-time control of oscillating water column wave energy devices MaREI

Project Description

Energy maximising control systems have the capability to significantly improve the economic viability of wave energy systems and this project focusses on oscillating water column (OWC) devices, which have achieved some commercial penetration. The project will include control system design, control implementation and experimental analysis. Since the wave energy control problem is, in general, non-causal, with some of the key measurements unmeasurable, the project will also include some estimation and forecasting components.
The project will feature the recently developed moment-based wave energy control analysis and synthesis tools pioneered at COER, in partnership with Prof. Alessandro Astolfi’s group at Imperial College, London. The project will include academic collaborators at Dundalk Institute of Technology (experimental wave tank facilities), Imperial College London (moment-domain analysis) and also an industry partner who is developing a commercial OWC device.

The project is funded by MaREI.


Project Progress

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    Feb 06 2020
  • End
    Feb 05 2024

02/06/2020 02/05/2024


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