Development of a small-scale wave powered data buoy Marine Institute

Project Description

The ‘Wavepowered data buoy’ project is a 4-year project funded by the Irish Marine Institute as part of the Eoin Sweeney PhD Scholarship Programme. The project intends to design and test a data buoy, exclusively powered by waves, to measure environmental variables associated with the marine environment, include the sea state itself and various properties of the surrounding sea water. It will be wirelessly connected to a shore base and potentially act as a node in an array of such sensors. Innovative aspects of the buoy design will include an energy maximising control system, and intelligent on-board energy storage, to ensure that adequate power for on-board sensors, and data transmission, is available at all times. The project has a wide range of industrial and academic partners, including the Marine Institute, PLOCAN (Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands), Techworks Marine (Ireland), Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (USA), Dundalk Institute of Technology, and Resolute Marine (USA).


Project Progress

Project Timing

  • Start
    Jul 01 2021
  • End
    Jun 30 2025

07/01/2021 06/30/2025


Overall Project Completion

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