Dr. Valerio Grazioso graduated in 2005 at University of Naples “Federico II” in Aerospace Engineering. He then finished his PhD at the same University in 2009 with a Thesis in Computational Fluid Dynamics titled “High level languages analysis of quasi-segregated Navier-Stokes solvers and its application to 3D reactive flows”.  In 2010 he was a Postdoc Fellow at the Turbulence Simulation and Modelling Laboratory of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. In 2011 he started as Research Fellow with the National Research Council - Motors Institute, where he worked on the Numerical modelling of turbulent combustion in advanced Diesel engines. From 2015 until November 2020 Valerio has worked in the private sector with Walgreens Boots Alliance as Lead Performance Engineer. Valerio joined COER in December 2020 as a Postdoc researcher to work on CFD modelling for Wave Energy Systems.