Pedro Fornaro was born in Tandil, Bs. As., Argentina. In 2016 he obtained his Electronic Engineer title from the Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP), and in 2023 his PhD in engineering from the same institution. Until 2023, he was Associate Professor of Control Theory for the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional -- Facultad Regional La Plata. Also, from 2017 until 2023, he developed his research activities at the Instituto LEICI from the UNLP. His main research activities included modelling, parameter estimation, observers and controllers designing for energy storage and renewable energy-based systems.In June 2023, Pedro joined the Centre for Ocean Energy Research (COER) at NUI Maynooth as a postdoctoral researcher, on the Control co-design for ocean energy conversion (LEAP-HI) project. This is a collaborative academic research project funded by Science Foundation Ireland, National Science Foundation (US) and Northern Ireland’s Department for the Economy. The LEAP-HI project focuses on the development of methodologies for an integrated design paradigm for wave energy devices, to significantly improve their efficiency, increase the power output, and decrease the peak-to-average power ratio."