Kumars received his Ph.D. from Amirkabir University of Technology (Iran), in 2020. His interests lie in computer sciences, data mining, programming, wave-structure interactions numerical methods, and wind and wave renewable energies. His previous Ph.D. research was in wind and wave energy resource assessment, design, and modeling of a point absorber wave energy converter (WEC), and proposing a new optimal control strategy for wave energy converters based on the dynamic programming approach with non-integer order performance indices.

Kumars joined the Centre for Ocean Energy Research (COER) at Maynooth University as a postdoctoral researcher in July 2022. He is recruited on the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), Department for Enterprise (Northern Ireland), and the National Science Foundation (US) funded project involving Control Co-Design of Heterogeneous Arrays of Wave Energy Converters. His role focuses on developing numerical optimization-based control strategies for the linear and nonlinear models of wave energy converter arrays. The overall approach will rely on suitably adapting and extending existing frameworks based on direct transcription and other techniques such as networked model predictive control to the setting of multi-objective optimal control for WEC arrays.