Dr. Demián García Violini completed his Ph.D. in engineering in 2015 at the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology and obtained his degree in Automation & Control Engineering in 2010 from the National University of Quilmes. During the development of his Ph.D. Thesis, he studied the noise control problem in motorcycles, a problem that had not been studied in depth until this Thesis. After that, he worked for 2 years in collaboration with neuroscientists studying the synchronism relationship existing in different parts of the brain and its consequences in cognition. For this, he has developed a complete experimental setup including electronics, hardware, software and real-time implementations. In addition to those applications, he also has experience with the magnetic levitation problem, the control design and its implementation in mechanical ventilators, and the design and implementation of controllers for Type 1 Diabetes Patients in JAVA environments (Object Oriented Programming). Since March 2018, he joined the Centre for Ocean Energy Research as Postdoctoral Researcher working in the robust controller design and its implementation.


Demián García-Violini