Target WEC system

The system to be used in the control competition is a single degree of freedom (DOF) wave-activated body WEC. Though, hydrodynamically, there are multiple degrees of freedom, these are not independent, and are resolved into a single PTO degree of freedom. The device comprises a floater mechanically hinged to an out of the water fixed reference point (point A). At equilibrium, the floater arm stands at approx. 30 deg. with respect to the water line. The submerged volume of the floater resembles a hemisphere. The system is equipped as follow:

  • Linear Motor and Controller LinMot Series P01- 37x240F and LinMot E1200
  • Force Sensor s-beam load cell, Futek LSB302 300lb, with SGA Analogue Strain Gauge Amplifier
  • Position Sensor MicroEpsilon ILD-1402-600
  • I/O board DAQ NI PCI-6221 DAQ
  • Accelerometer Dual-axis accelerometer, Analog Devices ADXL203EB 

Additionally, real-time information about sea surface elevation at 3 points up-wave of the floater will be provided using wave gauges of resistive type.

For a full description of the WEC device and the PTO involved, see EWTEC paper, Section 3.