WECCCOMP – Forums WECCCOMP forum A few questions regarding the Evaluation metric and the wave probes Reply To: A few questions regarding the Evaluation metric and the wave probes

Tom Nathan

    BME Team,
    Thank you for your questions, the WECCCOMP organizer responses can be found below:

    1. Each WEC-Sim simulation should have a ramp time of 5*Tp and a simulation end time of 100*Tp.
    The first 25 seconds of the WEC-Sim simulation will be discarded for calculation of the
    competition metrics (the evaluation criteria will only be calculated for time > 25 s). The
    WECCCOMP WEC-Sim info sheet has been updated with this text.

    2. The organizers apologize for the confusion. The evaluation criteria will be based on the 98th
    percentile as written on the WECCCOMP-info-sheet. We will update the website.

    3. The displacement constraint, Z_{max}, has been set at 0.06 m (6 cm) and the WECCCOMP-info-
    sheet has been updated for clarity.

    4. Yes, the linear motor efficiency has been set at 70%. The efficiency value has been added to
    the WECCCOMP-info-sheet and includes the equation on how the piece-wise calculation for
    generator/motor power is calculated

    5. The |P|_{98} percentile does refer to the electrical power. The WECCCOMP-info-sheet has been
    updated for clarity.

    6. WEC-Sim currently has one wave gauge that can be placed anywhere along the x-axis by using the
    waves.waveAmpTimex option in WEC-Sim. Two more wave gauges will be added to WEC-Sim once we
    have confirmed with AAU on the wave probe location for the experimental portion. This will be
    updated in the WEC-Sim code early next week.

    Again, thank you for your comments! If you have additional questions or want further clarification please leave a comment on the forum and the organizing team will respond as soon as possible.

    Nathan Tom
    National Renewable Energy Laboratory