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Tom Nathan

Paolino Tona,
Apologies for the delay in our response. We want to confirm that your statements on 1/12/18 are correct. (1) The ‘motor_pos_rot’ does provide the relative pitch displacement. (2) There was an unnecessary conversion step in the lin2rot conversion block. This conversion block was designed to correct the measured acceleration from the accelerometer attached to the Wavestar arm. This accelerometer will be used in the experimental portion of the competition to provide input to the controller. The WEC-Sim developers are working with Aalborg University to construct a sensor model for the accelerometer. As of now the conversion block has been removed and the ‘float_accel’ is the angular acceleration of the WEC as calculated by WEC-Sim. We will notify participants when the developers have included a sensor model for the accelerometer.

Please pull the latest version of the WECCCOMP WEC-Sim model from the Github website.

Thank you,
Nathan Tom
National Renewable Energy Laboratory