Date Presenters Title
2/5/24 Mahdiyeh Farajvand Non-parametric multi-linear frequency-domain modelling of a wave energy device from experimental data
25/4/24 Demian Fay A self-organizing eigenspace map for time series clustering
18/4/24 John Ringwood Energy maximising control of wave energy converters
11/4/24 Simon LeBoucher An introduction
4/4/24 Pedro Fornaro and Facundo Mosquera A perspective on wave excitation force estimation
26/3/24 We Li from DTU Opportunities and Challenges of Combining Wave with Offshore Wind Energy Together
22/3/24 Bingyong Guo and others Recent work from the Ocean Institute at NWPU, Shaanxi, China.
14/3/24 Marco Rosati and Hafiz Ahsan Said Matlab workshop
7/3/24 Sandra Carina Noble Neurofeedback training for attention enhancement in healthy adults
29/2/24 Fabiano Pallonetto and Muhammad Waseem Fabiano will talk about some of his current projects, and Muhammad will introduce himself and his work.
22/2/24 Manal Mekelleche, Marco Rosati and Hafiz Ahsan Said Manal – an introduction                                                   Marco and Ahsan – new Teams channel for COER
15/2/24 Marco Rosati Pseudospectral control for energy maximisation of OWC WECs
8/2/24 Facundo Mosquera An introduction
1/2/24 Agustina Skiarski An overview of tidal barrage operation and optimal control
25/1/24 Mogens Blanke, DTU Diagnosis and Event Detection for Real-life Conditions